Tattoo Gay Escort Melbourne

Are you staying near Crown Casino Melbourne? If so, we can have a sexy tattooed Gay Escort Melbourne knocking on your door within 45 minutes from when you make your booking. Our Gay Escort Agency is located in Melbourne CBD - so if you're staying nearby, there is no excuse to be lonely or in need of same male attention.

Sexy Gay Tattooed Escort

We have many sexy tattooed guys available for companionship, who vary in how much coverage they have in ink. We have some guys who only have a small amount of tattoo's - say something on an arm and leg. Some guys who have most of a limb covered - a sleave, maybe a back piece of even 1 whole leg. Some tattooed Escorts have part of a bodysuit covered, it maybe a T-shirt, or they may be almost finished the bodysuit and only have a small amount left to go.

Some of our male models have Japanese style, tribal style, realism style, collage / collector plus more. The many hours of pain really is worth it once a masterpiece has been created on the human skin. Even if you don't like tattoos on yourself, it is hard to not be able to appreciate the artwork (assuming it is good!) on another person.

How much tattoo coverage do you like on your gay stud? This is the million dollar question.

None of our Gay Escorts have tattoos on their face or head, and a few have ink on their hands. None of our guys have their cock tattooed or have anything offensive tattooed on their body. If there is an area on your model you don't wish to be covered, simply let reception know when you are making your booking. E.g. you may not want your man to have his hands tattooed.

Booking A Tattooed Male Escort

Just as the tattoo culture has boomed, so has the demand for our tattooed male Escorts. Some of our top guys have now have waiting lists. There has been a very strong increase in demand for body worshiping or both tattooed and muscle Escorts. So please, if you want to spend time with one of these guys, please make sure you book in advance. All booking and rates information can be found here.

When you speak with reception to organise a guy, make sure you provide plenty of information about the type of guy that turns you on. If the idea of being with a hot tattooed male turns you on, we have to get an insight into what exactly turns you on. The better idea we have of what you're interested in, the better we can match you with a guy who will definitely satisfy you. The fantasy and visual aspect needs to be accurately conveyed to our receptionist who is taking your booking. For example, if you are wanting to do body worshiping, followed by anal both ways - just let us know. The devil is in the detail when it comes to fulfilling your fantasy.

Our Inked Gay Escorts come as bottoms, tops and versatile. The guys who have a full body suit and have their ass tattooed are really popular. I guess there is nothing better than admiring a great ass with great artwork! We have males who are as young and fresh as 19 years old, through to studs in their 30's. You let us know what you're looking for, and we will make it happen.

Contact reception on 1300 45 46 47, or submit an online enquiry if you prefer.