Are you looking to spend some naughty, raunchy, sexy gay male to male time with a younger guy? Then look no further, we have a rentboy or rentboys waiting for you.

As the name suggests, you literally let us know how long you would like to spend with a rentboy of your choice, and he is on his way to your place. Or if you have a larger appetite, you may want to have two rentboys coming to you. Think of it as being very similar to ordering a pizza, except you really are ordering a satisfying combination of cock and holes. However in this instance; it is far tastier, will satisfy you for much longer.

Rentboy Melbourne

Many of our clients get off on the fantasy, the dirty idea of simply ringing and requesting a rentboy for an hour or two, having the steamiest gay sex; then sending them on their way. Is your cock getting hard with that very thought? You're not alone, anonymous hot gay sex with a sexy rentboy fulfilling you're sexual desires, then once you have finished they simply leave when you tell them too? No strings attached. As our clients put it, "a dream come true". No followup SMS pestering you while you are busy working about how much they are falling in love with you, how they can't wait to do it all again, how much they miss you etc. Even worse, your new found lover starts telling you how you don't appreciate them, why don't you want to see me tonight, why haven't you answered my 20 SMS in the last hour, why aren't you picking up the phone?

I think you understand exactly where I'm coming from.

With a Rentboy, you do not have any of these concerns.

Type of Rentboy you are looking for

Do you want your rentboy to be top, bottom or versatile? We have rentboys who cater for all needs, so please let us know if you want your rentboy to receive your cock only (you are looking for a rentboy who's a bottom). Or would you prefer to receive your rentboys cock (you are looking for a rentboy who's a top)? Maybe you love the best of both worlds and enjoy receiving and giving during hot gay sex (you are looking for a rentboy who's versatile).

Looking for two rentboys? One cock isn't enough? Would you like one in each hole? Always fantasised about having a rentboy orgy? Well you have finally found the right place. We often have clients as ask for two rentboys and have not disappointed yet! Simply let reception know at the time of your booking.

When you speak with reception, if you are looking for some wham-bam, fast gay sex, don't be shy, just say so. There is nothing reception hasn't heard from the many clients we have kept happy over the years. Also, if there is something extra you would like added into your Rentboy Escort Service, then please say so. The more details you and reception can go over before making your booking, the more satisfying your Escort service will be.

Call our Gay Escort Agency

Call 1300 45 46 47 to organise a rentboy or rentboys for your gay sex pleasure today!