Rentboy Melbourne

A Rentboy used to be a term that was only used by those who are in ‘the-know’ or in ‘the-scene’. However as a society we have progressed and are much more liberal in our views. Talking about sex is far more embraced than it used to be.

Rentboys are gay guys who are available for sex; male prostitutes. Typically a Rentboy is usually thought of as a younger Gay Escort, as the name suggests, a boy. However this doesn’t have to be the case. A Rentboy Melbourne can range from 18 years of age, usually right through to guys in their late 30’s. Or even in some cases, early 40’s if they have looked after their body and remain youthful.

A Rentboy Melbourne as the name suggests, is renting or hiring a Gay Escort in Melbourne for a period of time for pleasure and fun. Ordering a Rentboy Melbourne is not much different from ordering your favourite pizza or Thai for home delivery. As you would ring their restaurant and tell them what food you would like, there is no difference to ringing our Gay Escort Agency and explaining to reception what sort of Rentboy you’d like.

Rentboy Melbourne To Suit Your Needs

When you speak with our receptionists, via email or phone, let them know exactly what you are looking for. Most commonly, our clientele who want a Rentboy Melbourne typically want a wham-bam, fast paced banging type of service. A 1 hour service where from the moment your Rentboy arrives at your hotel or inner city apartment, it is on like Donkey Kong. Don’t be shy when telling our receptionists what you need. There is nothing they haven’t heard of before, and after all, we are here as a Melbourne Escort Agency to cater for all those left of field needs.

Do you want your Rentboy Melbourne to be a top, bottom or versatile? Are you unsure? If you are unsure, that’s fine too. Our receptionists will guide you through the different options; from there you can make a decision as to what will suit you best.

Just a quick point to note: when making an enquiry for a Rentboy Melbourne, we will first ask you whether you want a top, bottom or versatile service. This is very important to know, once we know your preference, we can then select an Escort that will suit your needs. As mentioned, if you aren’t sure, reception will guide you through. We will not suggest a Rentboy for you, until we know your sexual preference: top, bottom, versatile. Why? It doesn’t matter how good looking one of our Rentboy Melbourne may be, if he is a bottom and you need a top; the service won’t work. You as a client will be disappointed if this ever happens. With our Escort Agency, it never will.

More than One Rentboy To Suit Your Needs

Using our pizza example again, if you are extra hungry or have guests over, you would ordinarily order 2 or even more pizzas to ensure everyone is satisfied. Same goes with Rentboys Melbourne. You may have a really large sexual appetite and need all your holes filled at once, no problem, simply ask for two Rentboys. Do you have a few friends over and would like a few extra hands, cocks and holes? No worries, we can send however many Rentboys you need to fulfil your threesome, foursome or orgy.

Call Our Rentboy Melbourne Escort Agency

We specialise in providing Rentboy Escorts and tailoring an Escort Service to your individual needs. Our Rentboys Melbourne are eager and ready to play with you. Whenever you are ready, we are. Call us on 1300 45 46 47