Gay Escort or Bisexual Male Escort

This is a question our Melbourne Escort Agency is often asked:

“Hi, I’m a bisexual male and was just looking through your site, and I’ve noticed you have both gay male escorts and bisexual male escorts. I’m unsure which type escort I should book. Can you please help me decide?”

Just so we are all on the same page, let’s go through some basics.

A Gay Male Escort Service

A gay male escort is available by appointment for companionship with other men only. Our gay males are as gay as can be; they are only attracted to other men. They are not slightly bisexual, a little bit on either side, or slightly batting for both teams – they are gay.

A Bisexual Male Escort Service

A bisexual male escort is available by appointment for companionship with other men and women. Our bisexual males are genuinely bisexual. They are equally attracted to both males and females. This is may seem obvious, ‘of course they would be genuinely bisexual’- unfortunately this is not often true in the Adult Industry. It is sadly often seen that male escorts who are either heterosexual or gay, advertise their services as bisexual in the hope they get more bookings. To ensure clarity on this point; our escorts thoroughly enjoy and look forward to playing with both guys and girls.

So do I want a gay escort or bisexual escort?

Back to our original question we get asked often – a bisexual male enquiring whether he should book a gay male escort or a bisexual male escort.

Answer: You can book with confidence with either our gay males or bisexual males that you will have a fantastic time with. You will receive an escort service that is second to none and sure to satisfy. As our gay males are certainly attracted to other males, so too are our bisexual males. We encourage you to firstly, workout what type of service you are looking to receive.

Top Gay Service

Bottom Gay Service

Versatile Gay Service

Tailored Escort Service to your specific Needs

From there, our reception team will work with you to see who is suited to your needs. They will ask you more questions, to get an idea of what physical qualities you find attractive and also what personality types you are attracted to. An example could be, “Are you attracted to a specific look, e.g. sporting type, tall guy, muscular guy, tanned guy? Are you after an Escort who is well hung?”

“Are you attracted to more passive, quiet type of guys, or do you like more bubbly upbeat type of guys?”

If you are intending on making a long booking – whether it be most of the evening, or even an overnight stay; the receptionist will also ask you what activities you have planned to do with your Escort. Why would they ask that? They ask this in order to get an idea of what you enjoy doing, and then ensuring the Escort enjoys similar things. For you, a valued client to have a great time, it is very important you and your Escort enjoy what you are doing. As if one of you isn’t enjoying themselves, this will be passed on to the other person. After all, you are booking an appointment with a sexy gay rentboy so you can have some fun!

If you are unsure what things you may like to do with your Gay Escort, think of things you normally enjoy doing, or would enjoy doing with a boyfriend. It could be hot and raunchy, or really relaxed and chilled – or something in between. After finding out about what you like, dislike and what you are looking for sexually, we will match you with someone who you will have an awesome time with. In the unlikely event we can’t match you with one of our rentboys, we will tell you. We would rather regretfully decline your business in the unlikely event we can’t match you with someone, than send you someone that isn’t suited to your needs. Near enough isn’t good enough for us, nor should it be for you.

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