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Been a while since posting on our Gay Escorts Melbourne news page; nonetheless, here we are in an exciting new year of 2017. Happy New Year to everyone from all of our staff - this includes Gay Escorts, Bisexual Male Escorts, admin staff including receptionists and management.

2017 is an exciting time for Gay Escorts Melbourne - a new set of challenges presents us within the Melbourne Industry. We are sure it is no surprise to many of you, that the illegal Escort trade in Melbourne is unfortunately booming.

Many bisexual male Escorts and Gay Escorts are working in Melbourne without any health checks - this is dangerous for both Sex Workers and clients who see them. Our Melbourne Gay Escort Agency always informs those who are new to the Escort Industry, that a health certificate is much more than a legal requirement; it is vital to maintaining your sexual health, and the health of your clients. By law in Victoria, all Sex Workers must regularly have a health check, and present an attendance certificate to a licensed Brothel and Escort Agency. If there are any irregularities, or changes to a Sex Workers' health - they are informed and can take a course of action under medical care. If Sex Workers are not having their health regularly monitored - they are potentially working with a sexually transmittable disease, which can be contracted by their clients - in addition to deteriorating their own health.

The challenge for Gay Escorts Melbourne as a business is to try and educate those who believe working illegally poses no risk. Yes going to get a medical certificate does take time - but honestly, probably the same amount of time as going to a cafe and ordering a latte. Is it expensive? No - Melbourne Sexual Health clinic bulk bill, and you can present without an appointment and be seen pretty quickly. Why are Sex Workers at a greater risk than the public? In actual fact, a Sex Worker who takes their job seriously will have better sexual hygiene practices than someone who engages in casual sex that is not a Sex Worker.

However, as a Gay Escort or Bisexual Escort; it is presumed that you will be having sexual intimacy with a greater number of people than if someone wasn't a Sex Worker. Furthermore, clients who come to a legal establishment such as a Gay Brothel or Gay Escort Agency, should be able to do so with the protection of the law whereby Sex Workers are getting regular health checks.

Please, a message to all Escorts - whether you represent Gay Escorts Melbourne or not. Get your regular health checks! If something doesn't seem right, feel right or look right - see a medical practitioner ASAP. There is no shame in looking after your health, furthermore, there your doctor or medical practitioner is not there to judge you; they are there to help you!


From all the staff at Gay Escorts Melbourne, including our stunning Gay Escorts; we would like to wish all our clients, their families and friends, a safe and happy Easter for 2016.

Make sure you eat way too much chocolate and over indulge during this festive weekend.


This entire week is one of our busiest times of the year. Melbourne are hosting the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix and also Australia's biggest fitness event, The Arnold Classic Australia. There will be an influx of well over a million people coming to Melbourne to experience at least one of these prestigious events. The Grand Prix is from Thursday - Sunday and The Arnold Classic is Friday - Sunday.

With such a large influx of tourists, we are anticipating a very busy week. Likely to be busier than we were last year. For those who can remember back that far, it was crazy. We had a waiting list to see our Guys that was over 20 clients long.

We encourage all of you to book in early! Contact us via our online contact form or call reception directly to secure an appointment to avoid missing out. A prepayment will be required to secure your booking. Rates for both our Gay Escorts and Bisexual Male Escorts can be found on our rates page.


New sexy Gay Escorts in Melbourne are ready to please you. These guys are gorgeous, both personality and to look at.

  • Top Gay Escort with a monster cock: he's 21 and has a 10" weapon that is ready to give you all the pleasure you can handle.
  • Bottom Gay Escort model: he is from the UK, 19, beautiful soft features and a bum to die for.
  • Versatile Gay Escort: world class model who has appeared in many magazines, 20, beach blonde hair and super athletic physique.


Happy Australia Day Mate!!

From all the staff at Gay Escorts Melbourne we would like to wish all all our much loved clients a fantastic Australia Day. Make sure you celebrate in style, but also please party safely.

We are not taking a holiday, although we still will be having a traditional BBQ for all staff who are working. We are open our usual trading hours and have already taken a large number of bookings for Escorts to attend some awesome functions in Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast. Get in quick to secure your sexy man for Australia Day celebrations.

Gay Escorts Australia Day


Happy New Year!! xx

Wow, what a year 2015 has been. From all the staff at Gay Escorts Melbourne, we would like to wish all of our much loved clients a fantastic, healthy and prosperous 2016. We hope your 2016 is bigger and better than your 2015.

Just a quick thank you to all our clients: we thank you for your loyal support throughout the years; we would not exist and be able to provide the high quality Gay Escort Service if it were not for you. We look forward to another exciting year, servicing your needs, and as you know, we are always striving to improve our Gay Escort Service to suit your individual needs.

Gay Escorts Melbourne Happy New Year


Merry Christmas!! xx

From all the staff at Gay Escorts Melbourne, we would like to wish all our much loved clients, suppliers, associates and friends a safe and merry Christmas. May your day be filled with enjoyment, gifts from Santa and plenty of food.

We will be closed today, as we too will be spending the day with our family and loved ones. We will however be reopening tomorrow (Boxing day). If it is anything like the previous years, it is sure to be a busy one!

Gay Escorts Melbourne Merry Xmas


Specialised Melbourne Gay Escort Agency

At Gay Escorts Melbourne, we are not any ordinary Melbourne Escort Agency. We specialise in providing a unique, tailored Escort Service to our much loved clientele. Not Escort Service is ever the same, as each and every client differs in their own unique way.

We also specialise in providing Gay Escorts and Bisexual Male Escorts. We do this day in, and day out. Without sounding slightly arrogant, we are dam good at what we do.

You can book an Escort with us in confidence, knowing that we do not misrepresent our Gay Escorts or Bisexual Escorts. What does this mean? To keep things simple, it means when you speak with our friendly receptionists, they will not lie or mislead you - what you ask for is what you'll get. If you ask for a sexy Gay Escort that is short, hairy, dark skinned, dark eye, no tattoos - that is what you'll get. If in the unlikely event we cannot provide you with what you want, we will be honest and tell you. We will not send a 'near enough should be good enough'. Near enough isn't good enough, nor should it be for you.

Similarly if there is a particular sexual service you are after, when you discuss this with our reception staff, they will be honest if we have Escorts who will be able to provide what you need. Also, please don't be shy in discussing any kinks, fetishes, sexual requests etc that you have - we can say with confidence after this many years of being in the Sex Industry, it's unlikely there is a request we haven't heard or, or been able to fulfill. As mentioned above, in the unlikely event we do not have an Escort that is able to suit your requests, we will be honest and tell you. None of this near enough is close enough business.

Contact our friendly receptionists at anytime on 1300 45 46 47 or via our contact page.