Gay Escort Agency Melbourne

Have you always wondered about how a gay escort agency Melbourne works? Like many people, they always wonder about how the Melbourne Sex Industry operates, as if it is operating under a mysterious cloud of taboo.

This article is designed to dispel some common myths associated with escort agencies and the sex industry, and also provide you with an easy-to-understand guide of how to use the service of a gay escort agency Melbourne.

Gay Escorts

A gay escort agency Melbourne is an online / telephone / smartphone business that comes to you in the Melbourne and surrounding areas. It is an outcall only business, incall service in Victoria is illegal for Gay Escort Agencies.

Common myths dispelled:

  1. Gay Escort is legal – Prostitution in Victoria is a legalised industry
  2. Gay Escort Agency Melbourne is legal / legitimate business – You must be licenced by the Victorian Government to operate an Escort Agency
  3. People will find out I’m using a sexual service – Gay Escort Agency like Melbourne Pleasure operates discretely and professionally to protect your privacy at all costs
  4. Gay Escort Service is safe – All escorts working under the Melbourne Pleasure banner undergo regular health checks by a licensed medical professional to ensure both yours, and their safety.
Easy guide to using a Gay Escort Agency service:
  1. Browse our site
  2. If you know what sort of sexy hunk you would like to spend time with, call us now on 1300 45 46 47
  3. If you are unsure of what type of sexy gay escort you would like to spend time with, consider the following:
    1. Body type, hair colour, skin colour, age bracket – these are just ideas to get your raunchy mind racing
    2. Service type – top, bottom or are you after a hunk who can play both top and bottom?

Call our Gay Escort Agency

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