First time using a Melbourne Gay Escort and Bisexual Escort Agency

If this is your first time calling an Escort Service… Welcome! There is a first time for everything and you have no reason to be nervous. This is a very exciting time.

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Your privacy is our primary concern. What you discuss and disclose to us, stays with us.

  • We do not disclose your booking details to any third party.
  • We respect the privacy of not only our much values clients, but also the Gay Escorts and Bisexual Escorts who represent us.
  • We operate with the highest discretion. If you are out on a public date with your Gay Escort or Bisexual Escort, no one apart from you two will know. If any of your friends or work colleagues see you, they will simply think you are catching up with a friend. Similarly, when an Escort arrives at your hotel, no one knows who is visiting you, for all anyone knows it is simply a friend or work colleague dropping by.

What happens when you call our Escort Agency?

Just like speaking to any service, you will be greeted by our friendly reception team and simply asked "how can we help you".

A Gay Escort and Bisexual Escort to suit every preference

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Let us know….

  • Is there a specific Hunk of ours you would like to see?
  • Is there a specific service you require?
  • Every detail you can think of to make your experience as you want it. The more you tell us, the better we can cater for your needs.

Once we know exactly what you’re looking for and need, we will match you with one of our Hunks. Our receptionist will then discuss payment and address details of where you would like to meet your sexy Escort. Once payment has been made, your Escort is on their way.

Very easy, very straightforward.

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Finalising Your Gay Escort or Bisexual Escort Booking 

How exciting! There certainly is a thrill of excitement once you have finalised your booking with our receptionists; knowing your Gay Escort or Bisexual Escort is going to be arriving soon. We must stress that if this is your first time, enjoy it the process! Listen to your body and go with the flow.

We encourage all first time clients to treat your first Escort service as you normally would a date. If you are still hot and flustered with excitement about making your first booking, we always recommend go and have a nice refreshing shower. This gives you a change to collect your thoughts and calm down a little. Also gives you the perfect chance to go through how you would like to spend your time with your Gay Escort or Bisexual Escort.

If you have made a long booking (4 hours or more), you may like to have a look through the room-service menu where you are staying. Maybe speak to housekeeping to get some extra bubble bath, towels and even pillows sent up to your room. Many of our clients send us through the hotel menu and our Escorts can let them know on the day what they would like to order. Planning ahead helps ensure everything runs smoothly and you make the most out of your time with your sexy Escort.

Your Melbourne Gay Escort or Bisexual Escort is on his way

Getting closer to your Escort arriving, get ready as you would a special date or occasion. Ensure you are well groomed (nails trimmed for any anal play), showered and your hygiene is impeccable; just as your Escort will be.

In instances of poor hygiene, your Gay Escort or Bisexual Escort will refuse to perform their service. There will be no compromise on this issue.

Once you hear the knock on the door or your security buzzer sound… Greet your Escort as you would any other friend or welcomed guest. If you have not paid by credit card, please have your payment ready within the first few moments of your Escort arriving. Let’s not make things awkward or uncomfortable. Once payment has been made, your Escort will notify the security driver via telephone that payment has been made and your booking has commenced.

Let the romance begin…

A Melbourne Escort Agency That Understands You

From the Gay Escorts and Bisexual Male Escorts that represent our Melbourne Escort Agency, management and owners who built the business and the receptionists who take your calls to fulfill your dreams and fantasies - we know what it means to you to have your first male-to-male sexual experience. We understand not only as a business, but as people; that your first male-to-male experience will be something you'll remember forever.

We understand what it means when you say 'I'm not out of the closet, I don't want anyone to know, my friends don't know I'm gay or bi....'. We get it. As mentioned above, privacy and discretion is paramount - there's nothing to be concerned about there. Furthermore, even though your privacy is protected, we understand the emotional aspect of needing to express your sexuality in the hope no-one finds out. The emotional roller coaster is different for everybody, and our receptionists understand this. Any questions or concerns you have, please don't be shy or reserved in asking them.

Our Gay Escorts and Bisexual Male Escorts also understand how important your first male-to-male experience is; they have all been through it. As a first-timer, you will be matched with someone who not only matches your physical /sexual requirements - but also an Escort who will be able to ensure you feel comfortable at all times. One of the main reasons most guys opt to spend time with one of our male Escorts rather than trying to pick-up on a dating app or out in a bar - they no there is no pressure or expectations. Our male Escorts are happy to go with the flow, at the pace you'd like to set; you know that you can stop whenever you'd like to, not go any further, or limit your experience to whatever you feel comfortable - knowing that the sexy male Escort you're spending time with is not judging you and happy that you're comfortable.

Contact our reception team at anytime on 1300 45 46 47 or submit an online enquiry if you prefer.