Cheap Gay Escort

As a professional, high class Melbourne Escort Agency, it is always interesting to hear what peoples interpretation of what a cheap Gay Escort service is. Furthermore, what is most interesting, is most people actually aren't looking for a cheap Gay Escort service; they are really looking for a Gay Escort experience that they see value in. This is something they then realise after speaking with our reception team. A 'cheap service or experience' is vastly different from a 'service or experience with value'. Neither are the same, nor should they be used interchangeably.

We are very proud to say we are not a cheap Gay Escort service. We are a high class, high end Melbourne Escort Agency that offers a high class Gay Escort experience. If you are looking for a cheap Gay Escort service we will politely decline your patronage.

Why You Don't Want A Cheap Gay Escort

As mentioned above, once we get to interact with potential customers, we quickly learn they really don't want a cheap Escort service or experience. Let's be honest, who really wants a cheap service anywhere? What can you expect from a cheap service; that's an oxymoron in itself. It would not only be unrealistic to expect much from a cheap service, it is unreasonable.

There is no shortage of cheap Gay Escort services, they are filtered throughout the internet and easily found. Gay Escorts appearing to offer sexual services so cheap, it is often beyond belief that it is true. Pictures of them look amazing, a list of services A-Z plus some. What is one of the oldest sayings; "if it seems too good to be true, it often is". Couldn't be more fitting. The likelihood of the Gay Escort appearing as-is, in their advertisement is very slim - why? If they appear model material in their images, they wouldn't be offering a low cost service as they know they could charge more.

Offering a seemingly unbelievable list of sexual services beyond the norm of the vanilla, A-Z + kinks and fetishes? Is this really something you want in your Gay Escort experience? Potentially unsafe practices that have been potentially performed on literally 100's of men, if not thousands? No thank you.

Here is another scenario that is likely to deter you from one of the many seemingly cheap Gay Escort services advertised online: you agree to book an hour session with a sexy Gay Escort you see online. You pay the Escorts fee, your booking starts. 30 minutes into your booking  (30 minutes remaining) your Escort decides to stop the booking and asks you to leave - what are you going to do? Call the police and say you have engaged in illegal prostitution services with an illegal Sex Worker? You cannot call their employer, a reputable licenced Melbourne Escort Agency such as Melbourne Pleasure. In this situation, it is likely the Escort does this regularly and is likely to change their pre-paid phone number regularly. Why? So you can't reach them anymore. It really is a poor way to operate. You really are in a situation where you are at a loss; and what a terrible situation that would be. Is that cheap Gay Escort really a good idea?

Furthermore, let us be really blunt. If the Escort you are contacting doesn't have a licence number which most online don't; it is illegal. It is illegal for you, a customer to seek the service of an illegal Sex Worker. Imagine the police catch you in the act. You will face prosecution and likely end up with a criminal record. In saying that, a criminal record may be the least of your concerns if the Sex Worker you are seeing doesn't have a health check regularly. The cheap Gay Escort service online, does he regularly attend a sexual health check? If he works for a licenced Melbourne Escort Agency, by law he must. You really are playing with your own life and the life of any sexual partner you have if you even entertain the idea of having sexual service from these type of operators.

A Gay Escort Service Everyone Can Appreciate

Seeking the service of a professional, legitimate and most importantly legal and licenced Melbourne Escort Agency is a start. A Melbourne Escort Agency such as this specialises in providing Gay Escorts. A professional Gay Escort service provider.

An Escort Agency that when you call, you will be answered by a trained phone operator who understands how a Gay Escort Agency operates. All you queries and concerns will be answered. If you decide to contact the Escort Agency via email, you will be answered professionally and in a timely manner. You are calling a very easy to remember 1300 number, not a prepaid phone number that may, or may not be answered; and similarly, may or may not change their number. In the highly unlikely event you ever have an issue with your Escort service, you know with ease and comfort that someone will take your call, give you the time to talk and rectify the situation. Unfortunately nothing can change the past, but knowing you can discuss any issues you have is always a reassurance. Something you do not have with illegal operators with no business structure.

The Gay Escorts who represent Melbourne Pleasure are well paid, well rested and treated like Kings. You know when they arrive at your hotel they are well rested and looking forward to providing you with the ultimate Gay Escort service. They choose to be an Escort, a professional Sex Worker - they do not perform this job under duress or not wanting to be at work. Many new clients will tell us that they want to see the Gay Escort enjoying themselves as it will make for a better environment. Let us reassure you, when they are in a booking with you, they are just as happy to be there as you are to have them there.

As an established successful business, we value our reputation and intend to uphold it. Our success has been determined by the many repeat and word of mouth referrals. This couldn't happen without sound business practices and ethics. In turn, when you speak with our receptionists, they will never misrepresent an Escort to you. They will look exactly how they have been described to you - some Escorts do not wish their picture to be displayed publicly. As a new client, you will need to trust our description; we don't lie. Without sounding arrogant, we don't need to lie to generate money. We already generate money and this has been underpinned by a clientele base that is growing. Another major component of this scenario is for the Escort. If we send a Gay Escort who is looking forward to performing his service, to a client who will be instantly disappointed as it is not what he's asked for. It really is a lose-lose situation. You as a client will never book again with us, we also now have a disgruntled Gay Escort who may also choose to part ways with us. As a client, for you to receive greatest satisfaction from your Escort experience, it must appear as natural and non-staged as possible. We are professionals at doing exactly this.

If you hadn't already, I'm sure you are starting to see value in the Gay Escort service offered by Melbourne Pleasure. You can book with us in confidence.

Feel free to contact us via our contact page or directly on 1300 45 46 47

Happy Escorting 🙂