Bottom gay escort Melbourne

A bottom gay escort Melbourne is a male gay escort who provides a bottom service to other men who are in Melbourne. Not sure what any of that means, a bottom gay escort?
Here is a quick terminology guide to get you started – In any male gay sex arrangement there is someone who receives cock, and someone who gives cock:

Gay Escort Role play

The male who is receiving cock, is considered to be a bottom. If you get confused with these terms, remember when you hear or come across the term bottom, remember a bottom receives cock in his bottom. Very easy to understand and hard to forget that one.

The male who is giving his cock, is considered to be a top. A top gay escort, or an escort who provides a top service only, never receives cock. It is purely a one way relationship. This point is important if you are making a booking with a gay escort agency. If you don’t specifically mention you want a top gay escort or a bottom gay escort, you will find yourself limited to what you can and can not do.

One more term that is important for you to know and understand is ‘versatile’. A versatile gay escort is a male gay escort who can provide both a bottom and top service. Our versatile gay escorts are happy to switch roles depending on whatever preferences you have.

Now you are up with the relevant terminology, it makes your reading a lot more enjoyable, but most importantly, it will make your next booking most enjoyable. Please remember to discuss your requirements with our friendly reception staff. If you forget any of the information or scared you are using the wrong lingo, don’t be shy and just tell us what you are after. “I want a hot gay escort that I can receive anal sex from”, or similar.

Bottom gay escort Melbourne is an outcall service that is available by the hour. No incalls are offered. That way you do not have to leave the comfort of your room, and we come to you (pardon the pun).

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