Bisexual Male Escort

We have sexy bisexual male escorts available for you and your partner’s enjoyment. A bisexual male escort can be the perfect addition to your sexual relationship – married clients tell us regularly that a bisexual male has literally solved their marriage problems by increasing satisfaction in the bedroom.

If you have always thought about adding a third wheel into your sexual play, what’s stopping you?

It is more common than you would think.

Why people choose a bi-male escort

Couples include a bisexual male into the bedroom to fulfil fantasies for one or both parties in the relationship. The wife or girlfriend could regularly fantasise about watching her boyfriend or husband receive and give oral sex to another male. She could then join in, or simply watch and that alone satisfies her sexual needs. It could be a little more steamy than that, she may want to be all hands on deck.

In many instances, the male in the relationship is either bisexual or leaning toward bisexual and hasn’t yet told his girlfriend or wife. For reasons we can’t understand (we believe sexual preference should be embraced and enjoyed) men often are very hesitant to express their true sexual desires. A bisexual male escort is perfect for this situation, as the escort is a professional of sexual service, he is able to assist and guide the couple along at a pace that is suitable. If a couple decided to randomly try and have a bisexual experience with a stranger, it is a very confronting and uncontrolled environment. With an Escort however there is no fear of failure, or fear of under performing; a bisexual escort really does provide the ideal conditions for trying new things in the bedroom.

Often it is the thrill of the unknown that is exciting. We have a large number of clients contact us with such enthusiasm explaining that they have never had a threesome before but want to try. We encourage clients and potential clients to ask us as many questions as they need. The more information we know about what you are interested in, the better we can tailor an escort service that will exceed satisfaction. No individual’s tastes or sexual preference are the same – so why would you want a mainstream or generic escort service?

Before calling for a bi-male Escort

What information do I need before making an appointment with a bisexual male escort?

Firstly, make sure your partner is 100% on board with the decision to add a third party to the bedroom. Discuss with each other whether there are any things you may not be comfortable doing with your Escort. There may be, or there may not be. Either way, it is important that you are both comfortable moving forward with a third wheel.

What sort of male escort are you both attracted to? Have a brief description in mind before contacting reception. It could be as simple as tall, dark hair, dark eyes with a stocky build. That is enough to work with from our end.

Are there specific sexual services you are looking for? As every Escort is different, their services do vary. E.g. a bisexual male escort may involve giving and receiving head, but it may not involve anal sex both ways. The bisexual male escort may be a bottom, and only receive anal. Or on the flip side, the male escort may be a top only – he will not receive anal.

After you have worked these things out, you are in the best position to setup an exciting and satisfying escort service. Now for the exciting part. Give our Escort Agency a call to arrange a threesome of a life time on 1300 45 46 47