Bisexual Escort

A Bisexual escort is a male who enjoys having sex with both males and females. A perfect addition to you and your girlfriend, mistress or sexual play-mate. We here often from new clients, and clients who we have had for a number of years, adding a bisexual escort in to their sexual play has literally saved their relationship.

Bisexual Male Escort

Bisexual escort can give a new fresh vibrance to stale and old sex life's, allowing partners to pursue a suppressed male-to-male sex urge, that now finally allows them to feel complete. More importantly, totally satisfied in the bedroom. Clients also report that it has allowed for greater exploration of their sexuality and desires. Pushing things to a higher, more satisfying sexual level. This is not just satisfying for the male in the relationship. We are continually being told that their female playmate now reaches far higher, deeper and greater orgasms because of the voyeuristic aspect and seeing how content the male is.

If it is your first time considering the addition of a bisexual escort into your sex life; be excited! Most importantly, don't be nervous. There is always a first for everything. Just to help you knock the edge off any nervousness you may have, we assist couples in their "first bisexual experience" all the time. You are in very safe and capable hands. We also feel very privileged when a couple trusts us for their first bisexual experience.

First time with a Bisexual Escort?

As a first timer, don't be surprised if you feel overwhelmed with so many ideas running through your mind. Here are a couple of easy tips to help you make a few important decisions before your first bisexual experience:

  1. Do you want to participate or simply watch a bisexual escort with your partner?
  2. If you want to participate (it really is so much fun!), how far do you want to go?
  3. Try oral with your bisexual escort?
  4. Try anal with your bisexual escort?
  5. Full gay sex with your bisexual escort?
  6. If you simply want to watch and enjoy the voyeurism, then you call the shots. Imagine you are the movie director!

From many years of experience being in the business of spicing up couples sex life's, there is one major fundamental rule to ensure satisfaction when adding a Bisexual Escort to your bedroom activities. Communication.

Communication is key for all couples who are trying to maintain or improve their sex life. Let's be honest, no matter how exciting sex may seem at the beginning of a new sexual relationship, after time, that starts to slowly dwindle away. How is it restored? Communication. Adding a third person, the importance of communication is even more important. Here is why:

  • This may seem obvious, but for a threesome, foursome etc to have greatest satisfaction and intensity; all parties must enjoy themselves. For everyone to enjoy themselves, each party need to know what each other likes, and doesn't like. How is this achieved? Communication.
  • Discuss with your partner any rules you may have before you are physically with your bisexual escort. This is critical. Also encourage your partner to be honest. Often in these situations, one partner wants the threesome more than the other. Ensuring your partner is fully on board with the decision, ask them if they have any concerns. The last thing you want is your partner to either be turned off by you engaging in male-to-male sexual activity, or to get jealous.
  • Once you have discussed what you would like to do, see the list 1-6 above, then discussed any limitations and concerns you have, it is time to contact the Melbourne Pleasure Escort Agency. Exciting.

Call our Bisexual Escort Agency

When you contact the Escort Agency, you may do so by email or phone, be prepared for an in depth discussion. The more detail you go in to regarding your Bisexual Escort experience, the better equipped the receptionist is to match you with an Escort who will suit your needs to a tee. This is what separates Melbourne Pleasure Escort Agency from others - every Escort service provided is unique to the individuals needs. Not generic, or a 'one size fits all'. Near enough is not good enough, nor should it be for any clientele.

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